We pick up the little ones between 8:00 and 8:30 am, and during the morning they will enjoy their day plan always supervised by our professionals. To foster interactions and play-time among them, we divide them in groups based on their affinity. After a very intense day, we ensure your dog will be home by 15:00.

Of course! A week before starting in day care and/or walks, one of our professionals will dedicate a few hours to help your dog feel more comfortable in the car atmosphere .

According to different sources, in Madrid it only rains between 60 and 70 days a year. In day care, we will use these days to mentally stimulate your dog, avoiding as much as possible the physical exercise to avoid soggy and muddy dogs getting back home. If you have a dog walk schedule, we will ask you what do you prefer.

Yes, and we only ask you to inform us more than two hours before the scheduled walk time

We have a vans particularly designed to transport dogs of all sizes to ensure their comfort and safety during commute.

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