Dog Walking

7:30 am – 9pm, Monday – Sunday

Ready for a walk?

The wellbeing of dogs greatly depends upon a consistent schedule and lots of exercise. We are here to help with that. Our dogs are walked in groups of no more than four to make sure that your dog gets plenty of attention. Daily report cards will be provided


Private walks are provided on a limited basis, dependent upon staff availability, and subject to an extra fee. Semi-private walks are never more than two dogs of similar activity levels.

Safety during walks

Walks will be enjoyed in nature, mostly without the leash, but we will lead you as your Alpha and reinforce basic obedience for your safety.


We ask that you establish a regular schedule on a weekly basis so we can guarantee prompt and reliable service.

Weather Conditions

If you display discomfort from the heat or arctic conditions, we’ll take you home and make sure you are comfortable before we leave you alone.

Service Window

There will be up to a one-hour window of arrival for the time of your scheduled walk. We will show up rain, snow, or shine

Looking for a new furry friend?

Fill out this form and will be in touch about helping find a rescue pet for your home


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